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Cooking Arts

Post by amaterasu on Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:31 pm

Do you like to cook? Or, are you itching to find new recipes, or share your own? This is the thread to do so, and all other discussion of food.

I'll start with some stove top popcorn.

Take a pot and cover, and have the bottom covered with oil, put 2 curnels in and set the stove to 7.5-8

When the two curnels pop, take a smaller chunk of butter and put it in, and turn it down to 6.5-7 wilst also putting enough curnels in to cover the bottom. Then with oven mitts on, shake the pot up and down a few times for the butter to get on everything, and then let it pop. When it starts to push the top off the pot, bring it off, and with over mitts, one hand on the cover, tilt it so that the excess popcorn flows into a bowel rather nicely, and then you have somewhat buttered stove top popcorn! huzzah!

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