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KKQ RP- All is Welcome! [Plague]  Empty KKQ RP- All is Welcome! [Plague]

Post by KKQ on Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:15 pm

This free reign of RPing is almost terrifying!

Anywho, I would like to RP with someone. Don't really care who and I believe this is the spot that I post the gameplan of the RP at (Yes, I read the rules section).

Who-Whoever would like to join, just post your profile or character or whoever in here!

What- The plot of this RP is going to be set in a world where a unique plague had just spread across the world, infecting people and causing them to gain incredible powers (gaining the ability of flight, X ray vision, super strength). Wiping out the plague is on the forefront of the Government officials, along with capturing and isolating those who have been exposed and have been deemed too "dangerous."

Where- RP is happening on regular old Earth.

So you can choose to be whoever you want - An infected individual trying to lay low, a soldier working for the government in search of others, a scientist searching for a cure, just a random joe, the choice is yours!

Hope this is enough information to start with!

Amelia Rider
Age: 12
Appearance: Amelia has large brown eyes and long dark, red hair that she normally keeps pulled into a high ponytail. Her skin is pale and scattered with freckles.

Amelia lived with her parents before the plague began. After becoming infected, her mother dies and her father is left critically injured, leaving him on bed rest and hazy, losing both his memory and his mind. Having little to no money to pay for medical care, Amelia prepares for the worst until suddenly, her father is miraculously healed. They soon find out that Amelia too has been infected by the plague and it has given her the gift to heal.

It is not soon before soldiers come to raid their house and Amelia is taken from her father into captivity before their home is burned down, leaving her questioning whether or not he survived.

She escapes one night and has ever since been on the run.

Amelia is very mature and strong willed for her age. She is a natural born nurturing, having spent months taking care of her father alone before her powers came into effect. She is still learning and assessing the world as well as its inhabitants which can cause her to be naïve and gullible. Her innocence makes it easy for her to get taken advantage of but her intelligence and inner strength has helped her avoid trouble thus far. She is still adapting to her new found power, trying to understand how it can be used and how she can hone her ability. Her physical strength is severely lacking, leaving her to shy away from aggressive combat but she is sneaky and agile and a very fast runner.

The power to heal physical external and internal wounds.

She has an older long lost brother who joined the military years ago.


*I basically stole Yurii's format from her post and just plugged in my own stuff haha. Please add and join me.

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KKQ RP- All is Welcome! [Plague]  Empty Re: KKQ RP- All is Welcome! [Plague]

Post by neon kun on Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:39 am

Keya chan~ I wanna join :OO (and that be okidokies. I stole Yuri chan's format too lol!)

Resha Roux (Thank you google for the random name lol!)

She's been living alone and in hiding ever since it was realized she's been stricken with the plague, running away from the hostilities of the very few people in the de facto "community." She has an older brother whom she was separated with early on. She's lived off of scavenging, and making do with whatever. The are they have been living in was a vast space that seemed to be in eternal winter.

While she had left the community, she is still in the same area though considerably very, very far away from it.


She naturally had dark brown hair, but thanks to the plague, her hair has started growing white, and her skin became generally paler. To hide these features, she usually wears long-sleeved, and a jacket over with a hood and pants with boots, as well as bandages over her hands. It's probably not that recognizable, except her hair, but paranoia gets to her.

She was generally cheery (despite the not-so-good conditions of life in their area), but ever since getting "sick" and being alienated, she had learned to be a bit more reserve and quiet. Having to learn to adapt and learn survival skills. Despite that, she is only hostile when hostile to. And even so, she'd rather run away than actually engage in actual hostility if she could avoid it.

The plague gave her the power to freeze things she touches and very, very slightly and in a limited way, manipulate ice.

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